98th Street School

98th Street School is one of the rival Schools of the Third Street School. The Principal is Paul Prickly, the older brother of Peter Prickly, the Principal of Third Street School. It is almost the same in many ways.

Similarities with Third Street

The school has clones of the characters from Third street school that are only different in some aspect of their appearance, and in some cases gender. The ones that are seen in this episode, and their appearance differences are as follows:

  • C.J. Rotweiler: A clone of T.J., C.J. is a girl instead of a boy with curly ginger hair and a blue baseball cap, as opposed to T.J's red one.
  • Rigalli: A clone of Spinelli. Rigalli is Caucasian, has short blonde hair down, and a beret as opposed to Spinelli's beanie.
  • Vance: A clone of Vince. Vance is Caucasian and has golden hair that is slicked back.
  • Greta Grobler: A clone of Gretchen. Appears to be Indian-American, has brown hair with no pigtails (similar to Rigalli), and square glasses as opposed to Gretchen's round ones.
  • Mickey: A clone of Mikey. He is Asian with black hair but otherwise looks pretty much similar.
  • Rus Rimple: A clone of Gus. He is African-American and has longer black hair in a hairstyle similar to Vince. He has virtually the same glasses, however. In "Gus and Misdemeanors", Gus said that he had a friend named Rus.
  • The building is almost the same, with a cannon and a flagpole in exactly the same positions, the architecture of the building is also the same, but in red instead of yellow.
  • There is a clone of Upside-Down Girl that is African-American and has a long braid in place of the pigtails.
  • There is a clone of the Guru Kid that is certainly more obese than the regular.
  • Gus stumbles upon the clones of the diggers, who are girls with short blond hair that wear similar helmets, green overalls, white shirts, and a purple and pink neckerchief respectfully.
  • There is a clone of Hank called Harry. He has no mustache, is somewhat overweight, wears a green shirt and a red cap, and appears to be bald.
  • C.J. mentions that their jungle-gym is named "Old Crusty", similar to Old Rusty.
  • The Megans from the episode "Dance Lessons" might be clones of the Ashleys from this school. If that is the case, than Rigalli’s first name would be Megan as she is Spinelli’s (whose first name is Ashley) clone at the school.
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