"The Great State Fair" is the twenty-ninth episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on February 13th, 2000.


Gus gets left behind, along with Gelman and Miss Finster when Gus' dad forgets to give him his permission slip to his first great state fair. Meanwhile, T.J. refuses to enjoy himself because he promised Gus he would get him to the fair.


  • Animation error: After Gus notices he does not have the permission slip, his eyebrows suddenly flip. This is specifically visible while he is saying that his mother is out looking at drapes.
  • Animation/continuity error: While Miss Finster is playing a board game with the "left behinds", the board on the table is missing from the table when she gets up.
  • Animation error: When Gus is dancing "The Otter Dance" for the first time, the animation eventually skips a few frames, causing his left arm to suddenly move up.



  • The dance that Miss Finster forces Gus and Gelman to do while at school, "The Otter Dance" (which actually, the latter does not do because "[his] old man doesn't believe in otters") has become a minor internet meme among fans.
  • We found out that the girl with the light brown skin and brown sandals name is Judy when she handed her slip to Miss Grotke.
  • When T.J. tells the rest of the gang why he is not enjoying the fair, Jerome can be seen working at one of the game booths.


  • This is the second episode where a field trip is concerned; the first being "Operation Field Trip".

International Information

  • This episode was cut from the Italian dub.
  • This episode is "Lost" from the Latin American dub.


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