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"Why couldn't I have been born Zedidiah Zwick?"
Adam expressing his discontent for being called first for everything because of his name in "Tattletale Heart"

Adam Abel is a background character in Recess.


Adam is a background character in the show and does not have many speaking lines. In the episode "Tattletale Heart", his name is given out, and is the first kid in alphabetical order at the school, meaning that he has to go first for everything. This has made him comment: "Why couldn't I have been born Zedidius Zwick?"

It is unknown which grade he is in, but is possibly older than the gang, as he appeared as an older kid in the kindergarten flashback of Recess: All Growed Down.


Adam is African-American, and has curly black hair and glasses. He wears a green shirt, a red sweater-vest, brown pants, and sneakers. Like Gus, he is drawn with a black dot eye style.


  • It is possible that he left school and then returned. As in the episode "Officer Mikey", Menlo said that Ashley Armbruster was the first in filing (and first in his heart).
  • As seen in "King Gus", he is a servant of King Bob's office.
  • Even though he is at the same age as members of the gang, he was seen in "Chief Mikey" of Recess: All Growed Down, where he was complimenting a Kindergarten-aged Gus on how "cool" he seemed to be. However, this could imply he has an older brother who dresses exactly like him, he could've been held back for several years, or could be a mistake on the show's producers' part.
  • He looks similar to Rus, Gus' doppelganger from "The Challenge".
  • Both parts of his name are named after Biblical characters, one of whom was a son of the other: Abel being a son of Adam.


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