"Oh Artie Kid, how thy chalk smudge fingers led by simple lives."

Artie Kid, or The Artie Kid, is a student of Third Street School and a minor, recurring character in Disney's Recess.

He draws great drawings on the playground, though he does not have any speaking roles, he is seen talking to Randall in an argument about him snitching on him for drawing on the playground by Gus.


He is shown to be both quite reserved and creative talent; in the episode "Mundy, Mundy," he is shown to have a deep concern for his art whilst interpreting his feelings for a reformed Mundy. He is not seen that much in the episode "Stand Up Randall" - or the whole series in fact - just having him (and his painting being ruined.)

He only ever appears in two episodes: "Stand Up Randall" and "Mundy, Mundy"; however, looking by his moniker, he should've been featured more in the series - like The Swinger Girl, The Diggers (Sam and Dave), or The Upside-Down Girl.


Arty Kid sports the paint artist look; he is seen painting in all the scenes he's in, however, he is quite unrevealed. He wears a berry colored beret, painter's scrubs, and a red t-shirt under it. He has dark skin and medium-length black hair.


Artie Kid only ever appears in the season three episode "Stand Up Randall" and the season six episode "Mundy, Mundy."

In the episode "Stand Up Randall", he is seen through Gus' empty paper towel roll painting a landscape. This masterpiece is later ruined by Randall, who tells on Artie Kid to Miss Finster; this event is the catalyst of the episode. This episode also marks his first appearance.

In the episode "Mundy, Mundy", he is seen as the only one who is building the Conrad Mundy Memorial Statue out of frozen popsicle sticks. This episode also marks his last appearance.


  • His landscape in the episode "Stand Up Randall", which was ruined by Randall, beared a striking resemblance to Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night on the blacktop of the playground (not to be confused with one of his earlier works, Starry Night Over the Rhone.)
  • He was one of Mundy's admirers in the episode "Mundy, Mundy."
  • His appearances in Recess have been different in both episodes of which he has appeared. In the episode "Mundy, Mundy", Artie Kid has black hair instead of blond. He is also seen to be African-American/Hispanic in lieu of Caucasian.


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