"So the Earth revolves around the Sun? Huh! Daddy always said the world revolves around me"
Ashley A talking to Gretchen in Outcast Ashley

Ashley Armbruster (a.k.a. Ashley A.[3]), is the leader of the Ashley clique in the series Recess. She is voiced by Anndi McAfee.


Ashley A. is slender and of average height. She has straight blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders, and wears a pink headband in her hair. She usually wears a pink shirt with a dark grey jacket, skirt, and long socks. She wears black chunky-heeled shoes. She also wears pink lipstick in the same shade as her shirt and headband. 


Ashley A. is a spoiled, shallow, girly, beautiful but mean nine year old rich girl. She is primarily interested in fashion and gossip. Ashley met the rest of the Ashleys one day when they were in kindergarten at a playground where all their hats they've been wearing were blown off their heads and when they went to get them, they bumped into each other and introduced themselves, becoming friends. Because they were all wearing purple that day, it became a tradition among the girls to all wear purple on the anniversary of the day they met, thus calling it purple day. Ashley A. was once kicked out of the clique for accidentally forgetting to wear purple, though returned at the end of the episode.

Depsite being vain and stuck-up, she has shown to be nice on a few occasions. During the time where kicked out of the clique, she befriended Gretchen. On many other occasions, she has also sought help from T.J and his friends, who she usually socially snubs.


Ashley lives with both of her parents. Her mother, who has only been seen in Parents' Night, has been shown to look and act very similarly to her. Her father was never shown onscreen, but has been mentioned a few times. He often spoils her. She has a seven-year-old brother named Tyler, who is a member of the similar rich boy clique, the Tylers and a five year old sister named Brittany, who appears in a clique with the Brittanys.


In the episode "Officer Mikey", Menlo revealed to have had a crush on her, which she never felt in return. There have been various hints in the series that she may have a crush on T.J.


  • Her voice actress, Andi McAfee, and Ashley Boulet's voice actress, Francesca Smith, are also known for voicing best friends Helga Pataki (Smith) and Phoebe Heyerdahl (McAffee) on Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!, which series creators Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere worked on the first season before leaving for The Walt Disney Company.
  • In "The Great Can Drive", she's in Miss Furley's fourth grade class with the other Ashleys. However in certain episodes, she and Ashley B. are in Miss Grotke's class instead (Ashley Q. and Ashley T. are more commonly seen in her class). Both she and Ashley B. are in Miss Finster's class in Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade.
  • In the traditional cel-animated episodes, her hair is golden blonde, though in the digital ink-and-paint animated episodes and movies, her hair is a more yellow-blonde.
  • In the episode "Rumor Mill", she mentions that she's gotten a nose job.
  • In "Outcast Ashley", it is mentioned that she is a Gemini, meaning that her birthday falls in late May, or early June.