"Bachelor Gus" is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was broadcast on November 21th, 1999.


Gus moves into Old Rusty at school after overhearing his parents' unfortunate plans to move again.


Gus overhears his parents talking about "Operation Relocation", which Gus thinks may mean that they would have to move again. This doesn't sit well with Gus, who decides to run away from home and move into Old Rusty the next day. He is having a hard time even hanging up a "Home Sweet Home" picture on the iron bars.

The Recess Gang then suggests some creature comforts, such as electricity, and T.J. tricks the Ashleys into helping them decorate. Gus throws a rocking party on his first night in Old Rusty, then his guests, including the rest of the gang, leave for their own parents, leaving Gus alone. Gus doesn't mind at first, but then gets a nasty scare when the electricity is turned off, and the lights in Old Rusty are turned off.

Eventually, he runs in a panic out of Old Rusty and runs into his parents, which were called by T.J. who was worried about him, and Gus then explains why he ran away. His father then tells him that Operation Relocation was merely meaning that Gus would move into a bigger bedroom. The Griswalds then go home, and T.J. also goes home, smiling.


  • In the beginning of the episode, T.J. is shown with highlights in his eyes for the first time since season one, not counting merchandise.
  • When Gus is talking to the Ashleys during his party, Megan is drawn as a recolor of Spinelli.
  • When Ashley B. says, "Right hand mauve" when playing Twister, Guru Kid places his right hand on yellow. This may or may not have been done on purpose.
  • When the Ashleys are playing "Twister", Ashley B calls out "left hand mauve", yet the spinner landed on yellow.
  • When Gus is chatting with the Ashleys, there are 2 Ashley B's in the same frame.
  • When the Diggers first appear in this episode, both boys are blonde.
  • When the gang are wondering where Gus is the next day, Butch is missing the streak in his hair.
  • When the gang are sitting in class, the girl with long blonde hair and the light blue t-shirt with a heart on it is sitting in their classroom. However, the episode "King Gus" established that she's a second grader.
  • When the Ashleys first arrive at Gus's new home under Ol' Rusty, Ashley A. is wearing her backpack. When she begins speaking to the gang, her backpack is missing. When T.J. suggests that they help them decorate, her backpack is back, and when the girls walk inside, her backpack is missing again. Then when Ashley A. makes a few suggestions, her backpack is back.
  • When Gretchen was coming up with joke Tracey's hair is purple.


  • This episode is similar to the Doug episode, "Doug Says Goodbye", where Skeeter thinks he's moving and ends up trying to live with Doug, until he finds out that he was only going to be moving to a new bedroom.
  • Owl from Disney's Winnie the Pooh franchise makes a cameo appearance.
  • This episode was cut from the Italian dub.


  • T.J. Detweiler - Andrew Lawrence
  • Vince LaSalle - Rickey D'Shon Collins
  • Ashley Spinelli - Pamela Segall-Adlon
  • Gretchen Grundler - Ashley Johnson
  • Mikey Blumberg - Jason Davis
  • Gus Griswald - Courtland Mead
  • Miss Grotke - Allyce Beasley
  • Gus's Dad - Sam McMurray
  • Gus's Mom - April Winchell
  • Guru Kid/Sam/Kid #1 - Klee Bragger
  • Dave/Willy/Kid #3 - Ryan O'Donohue
  • Cornchip Girl - Aria Noelle Curzon
  • Ashley Armbruster - Anndi McAfee
  • Ashley Boulet/Swinger Girl - Francesca Smith
  • Ashley Quinland - Rachel Crane
  • Hustler Kid - Michael Shulman
  • Dwayne - Adam Wylie