Becky Benson is a second-grade student at Third Street School.


Becky is a young genius who looks up to Gretchen as a big sister. She appears to be sweet and innocent on the outside, but is actually quite manipulative and scheming on the inside. After Gretchen shows her plans for the science fair, Becky steals them when she is not around and does not sign Gretchen up for the science fair. However, as smart as she is, she is not as smart as Gretchen, as she did not think to look at the research behind the project.


Becky is a short, slender girl with long and brunette hair in low pigtails. She wears a yellow t-shirt, a green skirt, and brown shoes. She also wears round glasses. Like Gus, she is drawn with black dots for eyes instead of having white eyes with black pupils like most Recess characters.


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