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"Big Ol' Mikey" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on September 23rd, 2000.


Gretchen and Galileo conduct a test to find out how tall everyone will be when they are all grown up. After the gang finds out that Mikey is going to be very tall by the end of the year, it causes Mikey to worry about it.



  • Animation/continuity error: Right after Spinelli hears about her future height, she raises her eyebrows, causing one of them to be drawn in front of her beanie for a frame.
  • Animation/consistency error: When Gretchen hooks up the other gang members to Galileo to estimate their future heights, the cables look much longer while they are connected to Mikey.
  • Animation/continuity error: While Gus is imagining Mikey as a giant lumberjack walking beside a huge bovine animal, the animal leaves dirt hoof-prints on the grass, but some prints disappear during the last few frames.
  • Animation/continuity error: During the nightmare scene, T.J. comes to talk to Mikey. In this moment, T.J. and the rest of the gang are near the corner. After Mikey responds, they are very far from the corner. After Mikey throws a tower, the corner is not even visible.
  • Animation/consistency error: When Mikey locks himself behind bars, there are white and red bars in front of him. Once he is seen from above while he is reciting a poem, the red bars are missing.
  • Coloring/continuity error: After Cornchip Girl sees Mikey behind bars, the perspective focuses on her face. Once she is shown shocked, and then while falling, her hair is colored black instead of brown. It returns to normal once she is shown hanging.
  • Animation/continuity/timing error: After Gretchen asks Mikey to repeat the test, she is only beside Gus. After Mikey is shown static, T.J., Vince, and Spinelli join them way too fast in the following scene.



  • Gretchen is the only member of the gang whose future height is never mentioned.
  • After the 9/11 attacks, this episode and the episode paired with it, "The Army-Navy Game", did not air in repeats for the remainder of 2001, due to scenes involving Mikey tearing down buildings in his nightmare sequence. The episode returned to reruns in 2002.
  • Dr. Quilty from "Kids in the Mist" and Pat Patterson from "A Career to Remember" appeared in Mikey's nightmare as terrified citizens.


  • This is the only time blood is shown in the series. It is mildly shown after Cornchip Girl scrapes her knee.
  • Mikey's bedroom is shown for the only time in this episode.

International Information

  • This episode was paired up with "The C-Note" outside the US.