Bonky is a toy dragon character meant for little children. In the episode "Bonky Fever," Mikey began to play with Bonky, due to difficulties adapting to his new status as a ten-year-old.


Bonky is a toy dragon character who is loved by many small children (like the kindergartners ). Apparently, the character is very popular, judging from the sheer amount of merchandise featuring him (not to mention his archetypal theme song.)

When Mikey was a little kid, he loved Bonky and used to play with him all the time - much like the rest of the gang (Spinelli excluded.) In the episode "Bonky Fever," the large poet regressed to a child-like, immature state, in which he played with Bonky. According to Gretchen, no child over five-years should play with Bonky.


  • Bonky is based on a real-life popular character for small children, Barney: the Dinosaur from Barney & Friends. The character is infamous for his saccharine reputation.
  • Spinelli has always disliked the character. He is loved by the kindergarteners.


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