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Captain Sticky is the leader of the kindergartners in Recess.


Being the leader of the kindergartners, Sticky is the one who leads the others in their antics. Like the other kindergartners, he is hyper and loud, and often chases after the other kids. Despite this, he is on good terms with T.J. Detweiler and his friends. He was entered in the Kindergarten Derby by the Ashleys.

He remains the leader of the kindergartners until Recess: All Growed Down, where he passes on his leadership duties to Hector for standing up to Chief Stinky, a mean new kindergartner who took over.


Captain Sticky is a short, slender kindergarten student. He has dark brown hair and wears face paint. He often wears a yellow paper crown on his head and a brown loincloth.


  • His name was revealed in "The Legend of Big Kid".
  • He is the kindergartners' equivalent of King Bob.
  • His real name has never been revealed in the series. He got his nickname from T.J. in "The Legend of the Big Kid" after he's shown eating candy and wiping his hand on himself.
  • Although he and the other kindergartners should've been in first grade in Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, he is still shown in kindergarten, with Hector and Tubby in first grade. It is possible Captain Sticky got held back.
  • In Recess: All Growed Down, he lost his title to a new kindergartner named Stinky, but then gave his title to Hector.