Chad LaSalle is Vince's older brother who appears in "Big Brother Chad". He is said to be the most popular boy at his school by Vince. Chad is in the 8th grade and in middle school. He is one of of the "Future Geeks of America" and is the score-keeper in his school's Baseball team. He is in Chess Club and was once the Chess Champ.

When he comes to pick Vince up from school, he is shown to be a geek to everyone but Vince, who find it out later in the episode. However, Chad knows that he is a geek, and is proud of it. Later in the episode he stood up to Cy Kowalski, Chucko's big brother, Cy was afraid of him because Chad used to help him out with his math homework.


  • Chad's appearance is similar to Steve Urkel from the sitcom Family Matters.
  • Chad gave Digger Dave his first shovel.
  • When King Bob was a 4th grader Chad spoke to him, befriending him.
  • Chad is able to burp the whole alphabet.
  • Chad wears pocket protectors so he will not get ink on his shirt.
  • Chad is said to wear tape on his glasses because they break a lot from getting hit by top-speed baseballs while keeping score. However, he is never shown with tape on his glasses.
  • Chad has a pet turtle.
  • When Chad was in 1st grade, he brought his pet earthworm to show and tell, and his whole class laughed at him.


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