"Chief Mikey" is an episode included in Recess: All Growed Down.


Wild gus
Lieutenant Griswald and Madge Griswald bring Gus to Third Street School. Gus is a wild child and thinks that the other students he meets will be just like him, but to his surprise everyone is acting well behaved in class, and Miss Finster reads them a story. When recess starts all the children are quiet and nobody acts like they do in the future. Gus notices Gretchen just reads and never gives anyone ideas, Vince just runs around quietly, The Diggers just play in a sandbox, Swinger Girl doesn’t swing high, Upside-Down Girl doesn’t hang upside down, The Ashleys don’t say “Scandalous” and Spinelli is a shy little girl with a doll. Gus then meets one little boy with a red baseball cap whose name is Theodore Jasper Detweiler. Gus befriends him and gives him his nickname: T.J.. Miss Finster is very shocked with Gus' behavior.
Kindergarten Gang
Kindergarteners Before the Fun

Shortly afterward, Gus realizes that everyone is clean and being well-behaved because they’re afraid of Mikey who acts as a big bully and Randall is the one who tames him. Gus is enraged and he later reveals the reason that Mikey acted like a monster is because Randall told him lies and said he was his only friend. Mikey is actually friendly and explains that Randall was behind everything because he wanted to take control of the whole grade and have everything belong to him.

Then Gus convinces all the Kindergartners that they should be like him and be wild like a normal Kindergartner, then all the kid begin to act like their future selves, Vince becomes more active, Gretchen starts passing her theories to other kids, Spinelli realizes that she’s a very tough girl and T.J. becomes brave and adventurous. Randall is horrified and quickly tells Miss Finster that everyone is all messy. Miss Finster is very furious and demands to know who did this. When she finds that it was Gus, she takes him to Principal Prickly's office. However, T.J. and the gang form a plan and help Gus escape from the office, leaving Spinelli's doll in the chair he was sitting in. The next day, Gus had to move again with his parents and wouldn’t attend Third Street School again until he got in the fourth grade.

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