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Chucko Kowalski is a fifth grade bully and jock who is one of Lawson's friends at Third Street School.


Chucko is one of the bullies of Third Street School and a member of Lawson's closest gang of friends. During the first season though, he was portrayed with Lawson's title as the school's meanest fifth grade bully. He has no problem picking on younger kids, and looks up to his older brother, Cy. Vince is usually the one standing up for the kids he bullies, angering him. Aside from "Big Brother Chad", Chucko ended up not being a major bully for the rest of the series, and only appeared alongside Lawson, usually not speaking.


Chucko is tall and slender. He has blond hair and wears a Beige T-shirt with a brown stripe across it, brown pants and black sneakers.


  • Chucko appeared at first to be a prototype of Lawson, being portrayed with Lawson's title as the meanest bully in the 5th grade and leading the rest of Lawson's group.
  • When he first appeared, Chucko shared the same voice actor as T.J. at the time, Ross Malinger.

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