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"Copycat Kid" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Recess, which was first broadcast on November 7th, 1998.


The Recess Gang and many other students are playing a baseball game. A ball almost hits Mikey full on the face, but Vince catches it just in time, causing Mikey to virtually idolize him. It starts out with Mikey announcing it to the whole school, much to Vince's embarrassment, then he starts to imitate Vince's movements and mannerisms.

Next, he starts to dress like him, complete with his blonde hair in a matching hairstyle, worrying the gang, and leaving Vince thunderstruck. Vince endures Mikey slowly taking control of his life, until he cannot stand it anymore. He then imitates Mikey's mannerisms and dress, complete with messy hair and a semi tucked in beige shirt. Mikey cannot stand it, and they have a talk about what is cool: What is cool is who you are. Mikey and Vince then return to their normal outfits and things are back to normal, with another baseball game being played. This time, Mikey catches the ball before it hits Randall. Mikey says, "Uh oh." ending the episode on a humorous note.


  • Lip-synching/animation error: When the gang yell out, "Mikey!", their lip-synching does not match.


  • This is the only episode where Ashley A. plays baseball with The Recess Gang.
  • This is the first Recess episode Aria Noelle Curzon was in, playing a nameless student in Miss Grotke's class and a first grader on the playground. She'd eventually become the voice of Cornchip Girl.