Cryer Kid is a student at Third Street School and a minor character in Recess.


Cryer Kid is known for crying whenever a kid needs him to cry. He often charges them for crying. He usually uses this as a distraction for other kids. In his first speaking appearance in "Teacher's Lounge," the Recess Gang ask him to cry for them to distract Miss Finster so the kids can get inside the building during recess to investigate the teachers' lounge, which he does after he's paid by Gretchen, along with Mikey for his two Winger Dingers.

He also appears at the beginning of the episode "The Shiner" crying, for an unknown reason, until Randall tells him about T.J. getting a black eye, where he then goes to tell the other kids.

The last noticeable appearance of Cryer Kid was in "The Candidates," when T.J. pays him to cry so Vince can "comfort" him to appear sensitive to the other kids voting for him to become class president. 


Cryer Kid is slender and of average height. He has brown hair. He wears a yellow polo shirt with a white T-shirt underneath, brown shorts, white socks, and red-brown sneakers.


  • His first name was stated Bradley; his last name hasn't been revealed.
  • Although he played an important part in the episode "Teacher's Lounge," Cryer Kid remained a background character for the rest of the series.
  • Michael Shulman, who voiced Hustler Kid, voiced him in his first appearance. In all episodes after that, he was voiced by Justin Jon Ross, whose voice was higher and very different from Shulman's.


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