40s to 50s (presumably)
Both Students and Staff at Third Street
School Administrator
Principal of Third Street School (temporarily)
"The strictest, meanest, toughest administrator in the whole entire district."
First Appearance
Prickly is Leaving
Voiced By

Dr. Slicer is a rather strict and militant teacher. He only appears in the episode "Prickly is Leaving." However, in his one appearance, he has gained a reputation for being rather disproportionately ruthless and cruel. He is addressed as a Doctor. Dr. Slicer is a minor antagonist. He is voiced by Tim Curry.


Nothing much is known about Dr. Slicer's past. It is stated that he graduated from an unknown university with "a Ph.D in discipline with a minor in punishment.' Moreover, he may have been in the military at some point considering his demeanor. He dislikes pranksters, or "funny boys," because according to him one gave him a scar during a prank that involved electromagnets. When Principal Prickly accepts a job as the principal of a middle school, Dr. Slicer is hired to replace him at Third Street.


He is said to resemble Heinrich Himmler, this much is obvious when one looks at his photograph. He is bald, has glasses, has a thin mustache, and wears a suit with an overcoat.


When Prickly announced that he was to leave to be the principal of a middle school, everyone rejoices, but then, Menlo gets a fax foretelling Slicer's arrival, and he informs the Recess Gang about him, thereafter.

Dr. Slicer arrives, and he immediately makes life miserable for the kids and staff for the brief time he's there. He makes T.J. wear paper hats that say Funny Boy and Captain Sappy, hands Finster's job to his assistant, and works to practically convert the school into a military base.

He had plans to tear down the jungle gym and put in a guard tower, clean the cannon kept in front of Third Street's gate to make it operational, and to make students wear uniforms and regulation haircuts. Expectantly, the gang makes various plans on different ways to stop Prickly from leaving. While they were unsuccessful at first, Prickly eventually decides to stay. The last we heard of Slicer is when he yelled that Prickly was making a big mistake. It is possible that he became principal of the middle school.


Dr. Slicer is a cruel, vindictive, strict, megalomaniac, and overly militant teacher who wants students to act like 'soldiers' and not like kids. He is very cruel, dislikes feelings and calls emotions sappiness, thinking that emotions make people weak. This makes him a (only marginally) family-friendly caricature of a Nazi general in many ways. It is interesting to note that he bears a strong resemblance to Heinrich Himmler, further reinforcing this point. Whether this resemblance was intentional is unknown.

Dr. Slicer is the only villain in Recess series who can be called truly evil. He is openly antagonistic, cruel, villainous, and unlike most adult antagonists, who have good intentions but use bad methods, he does not care about doing good for school and only wants power and control.


  • Dr. Slicer resembles Heinrich Himmler to some extent, arguably this is no accident.
  • It is unknown if Slicer has ever been the principal in other schools, or what actually happened in those schools.
  • Despite appearing in one episode, Dr. Slicer is possibly one of the cruelest character in the entire series, surpassing all other Recess antagonists. Even Ms. Finster and the staff balk at his methods.
    • He is surpassed in cruelty by Dr. Phillium Benedict who nearly went global to destroy recess. However, Dr. Slicer had less time to work with so it may have been worse had he stuck around for more than just a few days.
  • He has Ph.D. from an unknown university.
  • Dr. Slicer could be a pseudonym.
  • He is one of the few people to truly terrify T.J..He's also one of a few villains that TJ himself didn't defeat, he was only thwarted by Prickly deciding to keep his job.
  • Spinelli also seemed to be terrified of him, as she seemed to have no interest in standing up to him, which is remarkable considering she's stood up to many adults as well as playground ruler King Bob in the first episode and bully Gelman later in the show's run, anyone who strikes that kind of fear into Spinelli is bad news.
  • Dr. Slicer is what's known as a Knight of Cerberus, named after Cerberus Syndrome, when a show takes a darker, much more serious turn.