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Fenwick is the secondary antagonist in Recess: School's Out. He is Dr. Phillium Benedict's right-hand man and second-in-command of the Anti-Recess Legion.


He is very timid and easily intimidated by his superior. He also is prone to panic when his boss is upset. He is soft-spoken and middle witted. He can come up with good ideas at times but he is a docile wimp.

He is very pitiful but his willingness to help Benedict and his attempt to turn on him after arrest can still classify him enough for him to be called a villain.


He is introduced early in the movie, where he helps his boss in preparing the tractor beam. He agrees with the scientists in telling Benedict of the possibility of moving in their base of operations, though the latter refused since it was there that he wanted everything to take place.

When they discover The Recess Gang was watching, Benedict questioned Fenwick as to why there were children present in the base. Fenwick denied any involvement with the act, while his boss ordered him to capture them only for most of them (except T.J.) to escape the school. Fenwick is later locked in a closet by Gretchen Grundler after the gang and their classmates decided to put an end to their plans. Fenwick protested this and this caused him to stay put as Benedict and the others were defeated after the tractor beam was destroyed.

At the end of the movie, he was arrested and frantically stating "But it's all his fault. I was only following orders. I'll turn in the state's evidence." but the police refuse his petty offer and furiously arrest him. Even Randall J. Weems (the school snitch) was disgusted with Fenwick's duplicitous nature and labeled him a squealer for it.


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