5th and 6th graders club
The Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club was a club exclusively open only to Fifth and Sixth Grade students (with exceptions given in special circumstances) in Third Street School, which is accessed through a secret passage under the King's Jungle Gym, which only the King knows the access code to.


T.J. and the gang were first introduced to the club after T.J.'s successful protest against certain new school policies. Eventually, the gang gets a bit sick of it - with the exception Mikey and Gus that is. They begin to make fun of the lower Grades behind their back, along with their so-called new friends, frequent antagonists of the game. T.J. and the rest of the gang (except Mikey and Gus) then bring in new First Graders, Hector, and Tubby, much to everyone's anger, except Mikey and Gus, who apologize and join with the rest of the gang and the First Graders. They are then saved from a harsh punishment from King Freddy II by the old king, Bob. Afterwards, the gang is banned from the club - as a renewed punishment, which they do not mind.


  • Many of the former Fourth and Fifth Grade characters in the show are seen in the club.
  • Menlo, who by now was Menlo by Royal Decree, knew the access code to the club. This could have possibly been due to some members of the club wanting to come into school early, and King Freddy II not wanting to come in on that time.
  • The club is accessed through a tic-tac-toe-like mechanism.
  • Hector and Tubby are the first First Graders to ever go into the club (whilst currently in the First Grade).
  • Randall was banned from the club because he's a snitch.
  • In this part of the feature-length movie Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, this is the last time we see King Bob.
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