"First Name Ashley" is the seventh episode of the first season of Recess, which was broadcast on October 4th, 1997.


After Randall reveals that Spinelli's first name's actually Ashley, she is forced to join The Ashleys. The Ashleys make her pretty and make her work as their servant.


Randall tries to find some dirt on the other students, but he fails. Finster gives him one more chance threatening to replace him and he finds Spinelli's permanent record, apparently with some real dirt: her first name, Ashley, which he eventually reveals after she refuses to answer to all of his demands.

This prompts the Ashleys to force her to join. Spinelli angrily refuses at first, but is forced to join in after hearing from the playground's constitution that any girl named Ashley must be initiated into the Ashley group by another Ashley, much to her dismay. At that point, the Ashleys try to girl her up and make her a servant, which demoralizes her. Her friends have had enough, and they, along with several other students, temporarily change their names to Ashley in order to force the Ashleys to kick them out with Spinelli. Once Spinelli is free to go, she chases after Randall for making her angry.


  • February 17, 1998


  • Spinelli's first name, Ashley, is revealed in this episode. Before the episode aired, Disney was very secretive about it; and left her first name off of their official website and tie-in material.
  • The Ashleys mention that the name "Ashley" is only a girl's name. The name can also be used for boys, and was once mainly used for boys when the name was first used.
  • Douglas is mentioned in this episode, but he won't physically debut until "Randall's Reform".
  • The video the Ashleys force Spinelli to watch is a spoof of the popular girls' toy line My Little Pony, instead called My Fuzzy Unicorn. When the episode first aired, the toyline started its second era, or "G2" to collectors.
  • Hustler Kid speaks for the first time in this episode.
  • Spinelli's older brother Joey is mentioned for the first time in this episode.
  • Ashley A.'s line about ending up with guys named "Paul" or "Joe" in middle school is a reference to the series creators, Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere.
    • But, on the Latin American Dub the names are Changed for "Juan" and "Pedro" respectively, but those names are'nt English Versions from Paul and Joe, but "John" and "Peter".
    • However, in the Spain Dub, the names are keeped.
  • Ashley A.'s lunchbox has Hello Kitty on it.
  • Gretchen's last name is revealed to be Grundler in this episode.
  • This was the first episode to be written by Holly Huckins.
  • Randall's line when he finds Spinelli's file, "Why with this evidence, I can, dare I say it? Rule the playground!" is a reference to one of Ringo's lines in the 1965 film starring The Beatles, Help! , where he says. "With a ring like that, I could, dare I say it? Rule the world!"
  • According to Randall, this episode takes place on February 17, 1998, even though it was originally broadcast a few months before then.
  • This episode was shown in selected theatres before Disney's 1998 feature film Mulan