Fort Tender-0
For the episode where this fort was made, see Fort Tender (Episode).

Fort Tender is a makeshift fort built by the Recess Gang. It was temporarily known as Fort Fort (Lawson wasn't known for his originality) when Lawson and his cronies commandeered it. The Recess gang eventually took it back and, after realizing that getting it back was more fun than just having it challenged Lawson to do the same. It is unknown what the fate of the Fort was afterwards.

Appearance and Traits

The fort has a thoroughly makeshift appearance. It has been known to made of cardboard, welded soda cans, tires taken from the Ashleys' Clubhouse and wood. A moat is dug in around it, it has Mediterranean shutters, which hinder the gang's efforts to take it back, and a platform on top for lookout. On this platform is a flagpole which has wielded two flags during her lifetime: a red triangular one from the Recess Gang, and a ragged gray rectangular one from Lawson and his cronies. It is built on high ground so that it's impossible to sneak upon, unless there are no occupants; and finally, she has a gate that can be locked from the inside.



  • In the episode "Lawson and his Crew", Lawson's crew took over the fort again (though this time it was his new group rather than his real friends) and Kurst and Skeens were guarding it with paint balls.
  • It is unknown if The Recess Gang acquired it again or not.