Francesca Marie Smith (often credited as Francesca Smith) was born on March 26th, 1985, and is an American film, television, and voice actress. She graduated in Linguistics at California's Stanford University. She also studied at Pepperdine University, graduating in 2008, she still works there as a salsa instructor. Francesca made a cameo appearance on the 33rd episode of Nickelodeon's The Amanda Show, as one of Amanda Bynes' friends. She also stared as Penny in Fillmore (TV series) for one episode.

In the television show Recess, she provided the voices of Swinger Girl, Upside-Down Girl, Ashley Boulet, and Cornchip Girl (second voice) in Disney's Recess. She is also famous for providing the voice of Helga G. Pataki on the television show Hey Arnold!, a role she did supply for the whole series, the 2002 film, and reprised in the 2017 feature-length film Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.


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