Galileo Handheld PC Model G55

Galileo is the handheld computer that is owned by Gretchen Grundler. It is voiced by Eric Idle for the majority of the series, though in Season 5, he was replaced with Jeff Bennett due to scheduling conflicts. In "The Terrifying Tales of Recess", Galileo was rudely nicknamed "Froggy" by Spinelli because Galileo's batteries died.

Appearance and Traits

Galileo is red with four buttons beneath an LCD screen. The screen displays an animated anthropomorphic frog. A gray stylus or antenna rests on Galileo's top. His serial number is 76502.

Galileo is first seen in "The Girl Was Trouble", in which the entire episode was focused on Gretchen's efforts to retrieve the device. She eventually does and the Galileo has been an integral part of the gang's endeavors ever since. It last appeared in "Lax". Galileo has advanced artificial intelligence, enough so that it can talk and find a great amount of information when Gretchen calls for it.

Gretchen received Galileo for her tenth birthday (March 23, 1998) and (fictional AI aside) would have been cutting edge for the time. The amount of RAM (16MB) would not have been particularly unusual but PDAs with true wireless internet access did not start to appear until May 1999 with the release of the Palm VII. Furthermore, Galileo's processor speed is mentioned as being in the 300 MHz range which would be roughly double that of the fastest PDAs of the time (although the writers could not have known that PDA CPU speeds stagnated for several years immediately after the episode aired).

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