The Gelminator 6000 is a trapping mechanism invented and blueprinted by Gus to trap Gelman (the resident bully of Third Street School.) It only ever appears in the episode "Gus' Fortune."

The name is derived from the combination of the words "Gelman" and "eliminator." The Gelminator 6000 was built around the slide/jungle gym structure of the playground (this is not Old Rusty, however, this is where King Bob has his throne and observation deck.)


The Gelminator 6000 was designed by Gus, he has had it ever since he first met Gelman, however, it was built when he got a fortune from a found fortune-teller that told him that he will be facing his last day. Thankfully, this is soon disproved, along with the "good" fortunes received by . The Gelminator 6000 worked great, but in a twist of fate, it trapped Finster instead of Gelman. Gelman is nonetheless shaken. Finster gives Gus detention for until 8th grade, and the Gelminator gets disassembled.


This object only ever appears in the episode "Gus' Fortune." It follows a system of kinetic balances aimed at suspension and gravity disposition of several miscellaneous, unconnected objects that - under the sequence that Gus had designed - would deploy a cage suspended that's on a pulley.


The Gelminator works when someone like Gelman steps on an inflated hot water bottle with a cue ball stuck in it. The cue ball will shoot up and hit a wooden target, thus setting off a rope mechanism that brings down a large colorful cage down on the victim, trapping him/her. An addition, such as a cloth sign that says, "Don't feed the Gelman, Remember Gus Griswold" (sic) can be added for effect


  • It resembles the board game Mousetrap.
  • Its name is a mash-up of the words "Gelman" (as in the character who is a bully) and eliminator.
  • Once Gus showed the blueprints to the Gang, Gretchen noted that it looks "technically sound." Her two cents' worth is immensely relevant, due to her stature as a genius.
  • If this mechanism is anything to go by, Gus is experienced in both engineering and mathematics.


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