Geoffrey Luciano is a fourth-grade student attending Third Street School.


Geoffrey is somewhat obnoxious and annoying. He once had a crush on Gretchen, and would not ever leave her alone, despite her pleads. However, after Gretchen convinced him that he cannot follow her anymore, he began to get over his crush. Since then, he's only appeared as a background extra. 

The only episodes where he speaks are "The Pest" and "Tattletale Heart".


Geoffery is a tall, lanky boy with dark brown hair and buck teeth. He usually is shown wearing a green Hawaiian shirt with yellow flowers on it, blue jeans, and sneakers.


  • His parents got his trademark shirt from Hawaii.
  • Geoffery makes three cameos in Recess: School's Out.
    • The first time is where he is seen dressed up as Captain Hook while performing for a show at the Young Voice Training Program.
    • The second time is where he is seen sleeping in the bed next to Mikey's at the Program. It is here where Geoffery's last name is revealed to be Luciano, as it is seen written on his bed.
    • The third and last time is where he is seen in his Captain Hook costume again scaring off Benedict's agents during "Nobody But Me".
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