Freddy Gordon (a.k.a. Gordy) is a fourth grader at Third Street School. He remains a background character in all episodes except "Nobody Doesn't Like T.J.".


While not unkind, Gordy is unique at Third Street and seems to be the only person at the school who does not like T.J. However, he also admits he does not actually have a "reason" to not like T.J, claiming he does not need one, much to T.J.'s annoyance. He did say at the beginning of the episode to T.J.'s friends, "T.J. Detweiler is not as popular as he thinks," possibly meaning he is jealous of him because he has loads of friends and lots of people like him. This dislike held up even after T.J. took him on a trip around the school when they were supposed to be in detention, which Gordy admitted to enjoying.

Gordy has some nerdy traits. He enjoys playing handball, amongst others.


He is a small African-American boy with freckles and curly black hair. He is seen wearing a purple shirt with dark green pants, black shoes, long socks, and a green hat.


  • In the episode "Kids in the Mist," Spinelli said that she has a cousin named Gordy.
  • He is allergic to nuts.
  • In the episode "Wild Child," Mrs. Klemperer addresses him by "Freddy".
  • He is friends with Phil and Willy and is seen in most scenes with them.
  • He does not like T.J.


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