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Jimmy "Guru Kid" is a student at Third Street School who gives advice to his fellow student body.


He is shown to be wise beyond his years, seemingly foreseeing precisely what would happen in the episode "Don't Ask Me". He does not approve of violence and prefers to let things unfold naturally.

When he hears something unexpected, he will break from his calm attitude and speak in his natural voice to empathize his shock as seen in "Tattletale Heart".


He has a positive relationship with most of the kids of the playground but seems to harbor some resentment for The Ashleys readily agreeing to compete against them in "The Great Can Drive". Mikey hung out with him in "The Break-Up".


He wears a pair of striped shorts, his turban was fashioned from his shirt, and he has spiritual beads.

When going by his real self Jimmy, he wears his shirt normally.


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