Hector is a kindergartner who calls Gus "Safety Man"; he was part of a group that the kids mentored. He came to admire Gus after falling off a pile of dirt from a hole that The Diggers were digging, and Gus caught him. The Diggers then told him that Gus cautioned them to contact electrical companies to verify for wires in the ground before starting any dig, leading Hector to see him as a hero. Hector and Gus appear to have the closest relationship between any kindergartner and older kid. In "Call Me Guy", Hector gives Gus a note from his parents asking Gus to walk Hector home from school for a period of time, showing that the two are close enough so that even Hector's parents know and trust Gus. In "Dodgeball City", Hector spends time with Gus listening to him playing his new guitar. When Hector is hit in the face by a dodgeball on purpose (similar to how Gus accidentally hit a young kid in the face with a dodgeball) Gus becomes very angry, dons his "El Diablo" clothes and single-handedly and quickly defeats all the fifth-graders in the school. He then walks into the sunset, and a mature, manly voice representing Hector when he’s an adult narrates the conclusion of the episode.



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