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Howard "Howy" Parkins, also credited as Howie Parkinsis an American animation director. He has worked on several Disney programs.

He has also been credited as an animation timer, character layout artist, and assistant director. He is a former animator and director for The SimpsonsHe also worked for the television show The CriticAs well as directing, he has voiced minor characters in a very small number of movies he's directed.

He has worked prolifically on the television show Recess, making his directorial debut in the 1998 episode "Economics of Recess" through to the last two movies in 2003. He directed every episode in both the Season 5 and Season 6.

Voice Work

Mbeya - The Lion Guard


Credited Episodes of Recess

Season 2

02x19 "The Economics of Recess"

Season 3

03x03 "Dodgeball City"

03x07 "Space Cadet" (co-directed with Chuck Sheetz)

03x10 "Lord of the Nerds" (co-directed with Chuck Sheetz)

03x11 "That Stinking Feeling"

03x12 "My Funny Valentines"

03x13 "The Barnaby Boys" (co-directed with Chuck Sheetz)

03x15 "The Library Kid" (co-directed with Chuck Sheetz)

03x16 "The Ratings Game"

Season 4

04x05 "Gus' Fortune"

04x12 "Randall's Friends"

04x13 "The Biggest Trouble Ever"

04x14 "The Rules"

04x16 "A Science Fair to Remember"

04x17 "Mikey's Pants" (co-directed with Chuck Sheetz)

04x21 "SchoolWorld"

04x23 "The Dude"

04x25 "The Candidates" (co-directed with Chuck Sheetz)

04x28 "Nobody Doesn't Like T.J."

04x29 "A Great State Fair"

04x30 "The A.V. Kid"

04x31 "Yope from Norway"

04x33 "Don't Ask Me"

04x34 "The Secret Life of Grotke"

04x35 "The Fuss Over Finster"

04x36 "Soccer Boy"

04x37 "Fort Tender"

04x39 "More Like Gretchen"

04x40 "Prince Randall"

04x41 "Me No Know"

04x42 "Good Ole T.J."

04x43 "Chez Vince"

04x44 "Tucked in Mikey"

04x45 "Old Folks' Home"

04x46 "Some Friend"

Season 5

05x01 "The Coolest Heat Wave Ever"

05x02 "No Strings Attached"

05x03 "Beyond a Reasonable Scout"

05x04 "The C Note"

05x05 "The Army-Navy Game"

05x06 "Big Ol' Mikey"

05x07 "The Principals of Golf"

05x08 "All the Principal's Men"

05x09 "Lawson and His Crew"

Season 6

06x01 "The Terrifying Tales of Recess"

06x02 "Kurst the Not So Bad"

06x03 "League of Randalls"

06x04 "Mundy, Mundy"

06x05 "Lost Leader"


Recess: All Growed Down (co-directed with Brenda Piluso)

Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade


  • He has been credited with directing a total of forty-four episodes, co-directing a total of six episodes, and directing two movies of Recess.

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