Francis "The Hustler Kid" is a fourth-grade student at Third Street School who acts as a hustler during Recess. He is voiced by Michael Shulman.

Personality and Traits

The Hustler Kid is able to offer the students of the school a wide range of products such as trivial toys and food, often discreetly. Sometimes, however, the items he sells are actually a scam. Despite what he does, he's shown to have a strong sense of morality, such as refusing to sell stuff that could potentially get students in serious trouble (like counterfeit hall passes and teacher's answer books). Gus was seen selling these while getting a bit carried away with being a Hustler Kid, or as he said, a "Gustler Kid".

Many times throughout the series the Hustler Kid can be seen hustling kids, purchasing products and cutting deals with students. The Hustler Kid is revealed to be a student of means in many episodes. In the episode "Hustler's Apprentice," he gets his hands on a very rare model plane after Gus loses his father's model plane. Later in the same episode, it is revealed that The Hustler Kid gets his merchandise from other Hustlers from other schools at a type of Hustler Warehouse.

He has a knack for making good deals and for selling what is "hot". Not only does the Hustler Kid move his product, but whenever there is a bet to be made, Hustler Kid is there to make the odds and take all bets. He is seen at the beginning of Recess: School's Out, on the last day of the school year, trying to sell maps to the homes of the teachers of Third Street School among other paraphernalia.


  • In the episode "Hustler's Apprentice," it is revealed that his real name is Francis.
  • Hustler Kid is one of the students in Miss Grotke's class.


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