Jared Smith was the new kid at Third Street School and only appeared in "Here Comes Mr. Perfect".


Jared excels at everything he does. He is faster, stronger, smarter, and all-around better than every other kid he meets. However in truth, he really does not like the fact that he is so talented since this seeming perfection alienates him from other children who always get jealous of him, usually resulting in either bullying (e.g. Dumping his books, training a hamster to use his desk as a toilet, putting Papier mâché mix in his thermos, or in the case of Third Street locking him out (pretending he does not exist and barring him from their activities). Either this is the reason he has moved schools so much or being asked for help by the President.


Jared wears a blue-collar shirt, dark blue sweater, aqua pants, and the same sneakers as Vince.


In his only appearance, Jared seems to be very talented and can do the things some of the students usually do. Including:

  • Attending 38 schools since kindergarten, breaking Gus' record of 12.
  • Answering a difficult math problem that even Gretchen could not solve accurately, and being the student in the hundredth percentile while Gretchen is in the 99.999th percentile for a math test.
  • Beating Vince in a race (while Vince had a very long head-start) and making a tough basketball shot while facing the other way.
  • Beating Spinelli in arm wrestling.
  • Writing and reciting poetry better than Mikey.
  • Making up better plans, being a better team leader and saving the day than T.J. (getting back a pair of clackers that Miss Finster took that were considered "lost forever").
  • Swinging around the top 8 times, while Swinger Girl barely made 1.
  • Digging the perfect hole that not even The Diggers could not (very broad and perfectly square).
  • Burping so loud that he shatters windows, which Tubby could not even do.
  • Flying a jet and performing a perfect barrel roll (none of the other students could do that).


  • Jared Smith is a deconstruction of the classical Gary Stu character, an overly perfect type of character who is good at everything and is without flaw. This results in him feeling lonely and alienated with everyone hating him because he is better than everyone else at everything.
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