Jordan & Jerome, often not collectively referred to in this way, are part of King Bob's entourage and people who serve him. They are also Sixth Grade (later Seventh) students at Third Street School. They are almost always paired together and he and fellow lackey Jordan are typically partners-in-crime. Their voices are provided for by Patrick Renna, Justin Shenkarow, and Erik von Detten in certain episodes, few and far between.


Jerome and Jordan are both loyal to the one who holds power over the playground, however, they did flee in ''King Gus"

Jerome seems to be the more professional about his work and tasks, whilst Jordan is shown to have a bigger temper and is more prone to get angrier much quicker or to be irritated about things. As seen in the episodes "Don't Ask Me", "The A.V. Kid" and "The Rules".

Both will almost always agree with everything King Bob says, even though they may not fully agree. When not working for the King, they can be seen in background playing or watching if something is going on. Their characters are different than when on duty, as they will go with the other students.


Jerome is fairly slender, unlike his partner, Jordan. He wears a white t-shirt with a red jumper and blue jeans. He has fairly auburn hair. He is loyal to whoever holds the kingship of the playground, however, he does flee, along side Jordan, in the episode "King Gus."

Jordan is a lot rounder than his partner, Jerome and also a lot shorter. He wears a green sweatshirt, glasses and blue jeans. He has brown hair.


Each Other

They are almost always seen or otherwise partnered with each other; they work together for King Bob. Scenes of them together hint that the two are friends and are most likely best friends.

King Bob

They both work for King Bob and can often be seen at his side. It is likely that they both are at his right-hand. Jerome and Jordan seem to respect their boss a lot and do everything he says. The three may sometimes show some friendship, but it is unknown if they are actual friends in any kind of shorts.

Scribe Kid

They are shown with Scribe Kid in the episode "The Madness of King Bob" doing his homework together.


Season One

King Gus

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They make their first appearance in the episode "King Gus". When King Bob is worried about the Playground for when he is gone, they have the idea to use a substitute king, resulting in Gus being the king. When Gus is confused about what to do as king, they tell him that he has to nothing at all and they would obey his orders. This shows that the two are sycophants or 'Yes-Man'. In the end they flee.

Season Four

The Madness of King Bob

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They are forced to stall the playground's judicial system - with King Bob acting as judge, jury, and executioner - until a point where Bob returns. This doesn't go well and the playground soon changes into a mess. Moreover, they can be seen with others doing Bob's homework whilst he's developing his master plan to get back at T.J..

The Rules

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During The Rules King Bob orders them to get the Rulebooks from the library, where they find the old Rulebook of King Mortimer. King Bob puts those rules in use again and makes Jordan and Jerome The Funpolice, so that they can force the rules over the playground. This, however, goes wrong and the two turn quickly into tyrants.

Don't Ask Me

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In the end when the angry students confront Spinelli, Jordan tells her that she told Upside-Down Girl to take his dodgeball and that Upside-Down Girl kept hitting him with it, hurting him.

The A.V. Kid

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Soccer Boy

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They are the referees during the matches.



Recess: School's Out

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This movie marks the last appearance of both Jordan and Jerome; this marks Jerome's last speaking role and is a cameo on both Jordan and Jerome's parts.

Voice Actors

Jerome's voice is provided for by Patrick Renna in the 2001 feature-length movie "Recess: School's Out".[1]





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