"Tattletale, go to jail; stick your head in a garbage pail."
T.J./One of King Bob's aides in the episode "Tattletale Heart".

The Kids' Code of Honor is a sacred code that every kid must follow.; the Kids' Code of Honor features solely in the episode "Tattletale Heart".


It seems to have triage over other institutions, both in the playground and school in Recess. The Code is said to have several rules, amongst them is the rule of not "Tattling". However, Randall is the resident snitch and minion of Miss Finster of Third Street School, and is an habitual snitch. It is understood that the local authoritarian figure would institute this code, at Third Street this would be King Bob who would be the one to enforce this. Several students at Third Street have spoken about/quoted the code when referencing Gus' situation in the aforementioned episode, including Guru Kid.


A copy of the code has been published (for sheer convenience) onto "convenient, durable, laminated reference cards". They are small and yellow in appearance and are about the same size of one's hand.


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