"Ah, from serf to salesman. I tell you, anything can happen in my kingdom."
King Bob to Jordan in Hustler's Apprentice

Robert "King Bob" is the uni-browed king of the Third Street School playground. He has a very demanding and impatient personality, yet he is an honest and fair ruler. His best friends are Jordan and Jerome, his advisers. He is also friends with T.J. Detweiler and invited him to a roast in Prince Randall. Even though he is at least two years older than T.J. and the gang, he has been seen in the fourth graders' class before. He is voiced by Toran Caudell.


He is typically depicted in a white and blue number 8 jersey, white and red wristbands, a blue lined red cape, blue jeans, and a hockey stick in his hand. He has black hair and a rather neat unibrow that he is never seen without, even after his haircut in "Bad Hair Day". His most notable piece of clothing is his yellow crown shaped hockey or football helmet with a brown B on its front.


King Bob has a demanding, overbearing, impatient, but at times, honorable personality. He also has knowledge of many of the rules of the playground as well as the unwritten student code of honor. On the few times he is pranked, he obsesses over pranking back the perpetrator, going so far as to abandon his duties for some time.

The episode Pharaoh Bob showed a little about Bob's introspective side. Realizing that the children of the playground had already forgotten their previous kings, Bob began to obsess over his legacy. His attempts to write his memoirs lend further weight to this.

In Recess: School's Out it is revealed that he has graduated from 6th Grade and will be leaving 3rd Street School to attend Middle School, naming Freddy as his successor. Later on, in the movie, he comes back to Third Street School to fight Dr. Benedict and his men. His throne (a brown armchair) occasionally is carried around by four of his guards around the playground.

In Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, he returns to Third Street to check what's going on in the fifth and sixth graders' club, and scolds Freddy for it has become a hotbed of intolerance towards little kids.


  • King Bob held the title of "Prankster Prince" before he became king.
  • As revealed in the "Fifth and Sixth Graders Club" segment of "Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade", King Bob has authority over all his successors, even though he already graduated.
  • King Bob was initially going to be a slight antagonist to the series. However, this was dropped. Possibly because he warmed up with T.J.
  • In the first season of the show, King Bob had an olive skin tone to him. From season two onwards, he's Caucasian. This is because of digital ink.
  • He has a unibrow like Conrad Mundy.
  • King Bob respects T.J. and treats him like a friend ever since his prank war with him.
  • King Bob has had a tonsillectomy.
  • He has a pet dog.
  • King Bob's mom calls him 'Bobby'
  • He can be strict at times, for instance, he can send someone to the dodgeball wall for not following the rules. For example in "Speedy, We Hardly Knew Ye" when he almost sent the recess gang to the dodgeball wall for digging in 6th-grade area.
  • He used to talk to Speedy when he was in the 4th grade.
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