King Morty's Rulebook

Mortimer "King Morty" (born 1923/24) was the first King of Third Street School. He used to rule in the year 1935. His rule book was found by Jordan and Jerome in the episode "The Rules". King Bob, when informed about it, imposed it. The kids, first excited, later find out that the Rules make no sense in the era they were born in.

It is later discovered that King Morty had made the rule book during the height of the Great Depression, when the school could not afford most types of playthings. So King Morty had revised games so the kids could play with whatever they could find. For example:

  • Play basketball by washing rags.
  • Playing foursquare and dodgeball using a large tree stump (which most kids could not lift).
  • Collecting grass (whoever made the biggest pile was the winner).
  • Even swinging a discarded apple.

Assuming that Mortimer was still alive at the time of the events in "The Rules", he would be in his early to mid-70s.

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