Tiny Sedgewick

Knarf (real name Frank Sedgwick), also known as Tiny Sedgewick is a nerd in Third Street School and leader of the 'Pale Kids', a group of nerds and geeks who spend recess inside, out of the sun. He is voiced by Eddie Deezen. Knarf was originally a normal student until he broke his leg while playing pickle with his shoes untied and was forced to spend recess in Room 51, he found that he enjoyed it and made friends with the other boys, never going out to recess again, growing much taller between in the years between until no one could guess he was Tiny Sedgwick just from looking at him. He is first seen when T.J. Detweiler breaks his collar bone. He is also a loyal friend to T.J. and he is also seen to be friends with Lawson and his crew as he is seen waving to Lawson and his gang. He is a fan of Señor Fusion.

He is not afraid to stand up for what's right, and has a very different interpretation for what a 'Geek' is than most. When Lawson was picking on his friends he stood up to him and called 'him' a geek. He wasn't at all intimidated by Lawson's threat of violence for the insult.

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