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The Recess Gang as they appear in this episode.

"Lawson and his Crew" is the ninth and final episode of the fifth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on January 6th, 2001.



Erwin Lawson becomes jealous because The Recess Gang keeps getting Glory. To make The Recess Gang feel useless, Lawson organizes his own gang.

Main Story

The episode begins with the gang being awarded medals by King Bob for defeating the Superintendent's Plans to make them wear school uniforms. Lawson, angered and jealous, 'fires' Jocko and Chewy to organize a new crew. The clip changes to The Recess Gang discussing how the place would be without them, kids would be playing by King Morty's Depressionaire rules, Randall would be the prince, The Ashleys would have gotten away with rating kids and the Library Kid would have wrecked the playground and herself. Cornchip Girl arrives and informs them that the second and Third Graders were going to war. The gang decides to stop it. When they reach the place, they are stopped by Greg Skeens, who shows them that Lawson and his friends have stopped the war. The gang is astounded. Lawson interrupts and Menlo introduces the group.



  • Animation/continuity error: When Cornchip Girl mentions that the second and third graders are having a dodgeball war, Gordy, Willy, Megan, and Phil, all fourth graders, can be seen amongst the second and third graders.
  • Animation/continuity error: While Lawson and Menlo are presenting the boys hugging peacefully after the war was over, the arms and shoulders of the boy on the background disappear for the last frames.
  • Animation/continuity error: When Gus accidentally insults Miss Finster and gets detention, the rest of the gang wait outside for him. However, one of the close-ups has Gus' sleeve in view.
  • Crediting error: When this episode first aired on ABC, the episode incorrectly had a 2000 copyright date at the end. Later reruns corrected this to 2001.


  • Naming error: On Disney+, the title is known as "Lawson and His Crew", with the letter "H" capitalized.



  • This was meant to be the final episode of the show (and the movie being the big finale of the TV series), however, due to the success of the film in theaters, the show was renewed for one more season, which had the unaired Season 5 episodes.


  • This is the second 20-minute episode of the series.
  • This episode marks the final appearances of The Pale Kids, Library Kid, Mr. E, Miss Salamone, and Paul Prickly.
  • This is the final episode to premiere on ABC. While the show would be rerun on the channel, the rest of the series would be aired on UPN and in syndication.
  • This was the final episode aired before "Recess: School's Out" was released into theaters, and was released a month before the film's premiere.
  • This was the final episode written by Phil Walsh.



  • The second part of this episode parodies the theme song at the beginning, with Lawson's gang taking the place of T.J.'s gang.
  • Lawson's catchphrases are introduced here: "Now hang on just a minute", "I just got an idea", and "Now that's more like it" and are used to parody the opening of the second part of the episode ("Soccer Boy" and "Fort Tender").

International Information

  • In the French dub, the Ashleys give out lice shots instead of cootie shots; that was due to the concept of cooties not existing in France.
  • In the Latin American dub, The Ashleys give out vulgarity shots inset cootie or lice shots.




Disney's Recess, Lawson's Version of the Theme Song

Lawson's version of the series' intro.