Lazy Kid is a boy who hardly gets any sleep. He is always tired and sleepy.


He talks slowly and hangs out behind the school with his four friends: Skeens, Mundy, Sue Bob Murphy, and Kurst the Worst. He is the fifth worst kid in school. He was banned from Kelso's for stealing. He is always sleepy and is not very good at paying attention to what's going on around him. He is also very slow-talking and is always behind his pals when talking and walking. He, along with Skeens and Mundy, was bad in "Gus and Misdemeanors" and "Kurst the Not So Bad". In "Mundy, Mundy", he threatened to paint Mikey's bicycle, Pegasus. In the episode "Lawson and his Crew" he blocked the entrance to the kindergarten area, preventing the kids from leaving. He also was picked last in the episode "Partners in Crime" in the game battle tag where he first said "Alright, don't expect me to run or jump or nothin'.", and second to last near the end of the episode where he states, "What again? Don't you guys ever sleep?".


He is short, sports blonde hair, freckles on his face, wears a white shirt, dark green pants, and red sneakers.


  • Lazy Kid is also mentally "slow" because he usually lags behind in what people are talking about.
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