Leonard Weems is the father of Randall J. Weems. One can presume that he taught his son, Randall, how to snitch and all about living the 'snitch life.'


He has a similar personality to Randall, as he enjoys being a snitch and believes friends get in the way. Despite this, he seems like a nice person. He enjoys cooking and is quite good at it. He admits that at young age he was often alone because snitches typically have no close personal relations. He seems to be a house husband while his wife works as an attorney. He cares greatly for Randall, worrying about Randall after hearing Randall's false story about how he has many friends with whom he shares his free time. It was at this time that he questioned whether he knew his own son anymore. When he learned it was all a big lie, he told Randall he was disappointed; however, this was relieved since he was able to learn about his son. He simply wants his son to be proud of himself. He also tells Randall not to lie to authority unless currying the favor of a bigger authority.


He looks like an older version of Randall with a bald forehead, wrinkles, and a mustache. He has red hair and a hunch back. He wears an orange collared shirt with green pants.


  • He is a snitch just like his son.
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