Lieutenant Colonel Griswald is a U.S. Army Officer and Gus Griswald's father. He tends to address Gus as if he were a soldier in his squad, although it is clear that he is very fond of him. He had a rivalry with Naval Lieutenant Luke LaMaise.


Lt. LaMaise

He had a rival named Luke LaMaise, who is Cornchip Girl's father. LaMaise and Griswald both went to the same military high school and competed against each other in everything. When Griswald attended the Army Academy and LaMaise attended the Naval Academy, they had to play football and war games against each other. They even argued over invasion plans during Operation Steely Resolve. It is unknown if they become friends after the episode "The Army-Navy Game".


  • Continuity error: In his first appearance, Griswald introduced himself as a Marine officer. In later episodes, he was changed to being in the Army without explanation.
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