Mademoiselle Pavlova is the proprietor and the sole dance teacher of Mademoiselle Pavlova's Salon of Independent Movement. She is only featured prominently in the episode "Dance Lessons", in which she taught Spinelli how to ballet dance along with Mikey.

She states that Spinelli reminded her of herself when she was a little kid. She could have taught Mikey from anywhere in his toddler years to the time of the episode and after. It is presumed that Spinelli quits on the dance lessons after the episode of the same name.

She speaks in a Russian accent.


Pavlova is very beautiful, has blonde hair with light streaks and a single curl. She wears makeup and gymnastic leotards with sweatbands (much like Vince).


Mademoiselle Pavlova was featured in two episodes: "Dance Lessons" and the double-length "Lawson and His Crew". The latter episode was just a cameo to mark that Lawson and the rest of his crew are the successors to The Recess Gang. She was seen to be teaching Kurst the Worst and Randall (respective equivalents to Mikey and Spinelli) to dance for a school event, this mirrors the former episode.


  • She, along with several other characters that were featured in the series, make cameo appearances in the episode "Lawson and his Crew".


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