"Hmm... An excellent drawing, and I do applaud self-expression, but people... this just isn't good karma. This sort of satire is best used against oh, say, a repressive totalitarian government. You know, I was a child myself once; I remember what it's like. The world can be a cruel place; people treating each other terribly for no reason. But it doesn't have to be that way—not if we look out for each other. A little empathy on the playground, a little consideration in the lunchroom will go a long way toward making our world a better place. I mean, being a kid is hard enough without kids being hard on each other, right? ...Doesn't anyone understand basically where I'm coming from?"
Miss Grotke

"Mama's Girl" is the third episode of the second season of Recess, which was first broadcast on September 19th, 1998.



Spinelli is humiliated when she accidentally calls Miss Grotke "Mama" and the other kids mock her.

Main Story

Spinelli accidentally calls Miss Grotke "Mama" in front of the whole playground. So to make someone else say "Mama", T.J. and the gang try to do that to Randall, who was with Miss Finster. But Randall couldn't spit it out, so their plan fell flat. Many hours later, the students in Miss Grotke's class all said, "Mama" just like Spinelli did.


  • Before "Weekend at Muriel's" (October 1997 (Miss Grotke mentions that she and Spinelli are Libras, and T.J. mentions that Spinelli is nine years old; it's safe to assume that Spinelli's birthday is in late-September).


  • Coloring error: When T.J. says, "Let's do this thing," his cap briefly darkens the color. It is corrected and recolored in all reruns of the episode, except in other English-speaking countries outside the U.S., and Toon Disney's "After Class Laugh Attack!" promo.
  • Animation error: Before Spinelli calls Miss Grotke "Mama", she is about to step into a puddle with her right foot. When the camera angle changes after Spinelli yells out, she is about to step in with her left foot.
  • Continuity error: After Spinelli calls Miss Grotke "Mama", several kids are shown laughing from above. Ashley Q., Ashley T., and Ashley B. are visible, but far apart from each other. When the perspective changes, all the four Ashleys are shown laughing together.
Spinelli angry 4
  • Animation/continuity error: When Spinelli sees the drawing on the blackboard, she is drawn with nostrils. Her nostrils disappear right afterwards.
  • Animation error: When Spinelli yells, "I've had it ya punks!", the drawing on the blackboard briefly disappears.
  • Animation error: At the end, there's a picture on the blackboard which Miss Grotke wipes off in the first shot, then rubs out most of it, but keeps rubbing out the same bit. A few shots later, the whole picture is back and she rubs it off again.
  • Crediting error: Justin Jon Ross was incorrectly credited as Justin John Ross.
  • Animation/grammar error: When the neon sign "Manny Matt's Grill" is turning off some letters while Spinelli is looking at it, the letter "i" turns off to itself, which made it reveal "Mama's Grll" instead of "Mama's Girl".
    Mama's Girl error
  • Animation error: When T.J. says, "That was weird. Spinelli said anything, funny," and started laughing, along with the gang (Excluding Spinelli), his legs are missing. You can only see the error in some airings of the episode.
  • Animation error: Before Spinelli says, "It's the only way," her eyebrows disappears for a frame.


  • This episode was based on an idea by C.D. Payne, author of the bestselling novel Youth in Revolt: The Journal of Nick Twist, which was made into a movie with Michael Cera in 2010.
  • The French dub has Spinelli call her life "a Charles Dickens story" instead of a Stephen King novel.
  • Clips of this episode were included in Toon Disney UK’s “New Weekday Line-Up” promo from 2003.
    • One clip of this episode was also included in Toon Disney's "After Class Laugh Attack!" promo.
  • This is the only episode where a zoom/wipe is shown twice.
  • This is the first episode written by Mark Drop.



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