Menlo is a student at Third Street School and a minor character in Recess. He is Miss Lemon's assistant, or 'aid,' as he likes to say. He has appeared in several episodes. He is voiced by Blake McIver Erwig.


Menlo wears a button-down shirt with a blue clip-on tie to school. He wears black glasses and has brown hair.


Menlo is obsessed with organization. He lives by his planner, and distains people who are disorganized. He is good with the filing system and spends most of his time inside the office, rarely going outside to recess as he's too busy. Menlo was originally a bad student raging havoc at recess, but his personality changed permanently after he was "randomly chosen" as the 'Principal for a day'.


Randall Weems

Menlo with randall

Menlo with randall

Menlo is friendly with Randall, though they don't do much together. They took over the playground in the episode "Partners in Crime." He was with Menlo in Lawson's Crew in the episode "Lawson and his Crew". Randall was also at Menlo's birthday party.

Although Menlo is sometimes an antagonist to the main characters, he is normally a decent character. He was also the best friend of T.J. back when they were four. T.J. still attends Menlo's birthday party every year. He does so because Menlo felt sad at seeing their friendship die, so T.J. promised he would go to his birthday party every year no matter what. Menlo has a crush on Ashley A., which is brought up in "Officer Mikey" and "Partners in Crime."


  • It's unknown if Menlo is his first name or last name. In the Spanish dub, his first name is Taylor, making it his last name, however this is never brought up in the original version nor other dubs.
  • Menlo lives in a neighborhood of cookie-cutter houses, and held a cowboy-themed birthday party in his back yard.
  • He was rated 3 by the Ashleys.
  • Menlo likes to play battle tag and is "not half bad" but he rather stays in the office.
  • Menlo is one of the few students to never appear in Recess: School's Out.
  • In "Lawson and his Crew", Menlo was the Gretchen of Lawson's crew.
  • He can be strict sometimes, even with organization.
  • He attempted to get Mikey to embrace his life or "perfect organization."
  • He said that the members of the Gang don't have any structure and that their lives are in disarray.
  • When he is in the office he doesn't allow students go behind the yellow line as it was a staff only space.
  • Menlo has an uncle as mentioned by Vince in Economics of Recess .
  • It was revealed in Some Friend, that Menlo and T.J were friends since their childhood as he came to his birthday parties, but only one time has T.J missed his birthday party because he lost interest, but T.J promised to go to his birthday party every year no matter what happens.


  • Menlo's First Appearance in the series.
  • "And then I tell Miss Lemon 'You don't file it under M.C, you file it under M.A.C"
  • Menlo accepting entry forms for "principal for a day".
  • Menlo was rated 3 by the Ashleys.
  • Menlo warning the gang about Dr. Slicer.
  • Menlo and Randall were 'Partners in Crime'.
  • Menlo was Randall's Assistant when the latter was granted princely powers.
  • Menlo put Mikey on a tight schedule.
  • Menlo and T.J. used to be best friends back when they were four.
  • Menlo cheering the fourth grade football team.