"Let's start by refocusing our Chi"
Miss Grotke in Omega Kids

Miss Grotke, Mr. Prickly, and Ms. Finster in School's Out

Miss Alordayne Grotke is the teacher of the fourth graders at Third Street School.


She has tan skin and a skinny figure with hairy legs. She has thick curly black hair which stretches to the sides. She wears a long pale green robe-like dress with sandals, a blue bead necklace, triangle blue earrings, and yellow circular framed glasses.


Warm and kind but somewhat eccentric (being a hippie and loving yoga and preserving the earth). She is adored by her pupils because she is possibly the only teacher who stands up for the students. She performs magic tricks at clubs as a hobby. Miss Grotke loves to meditate and she has an overbite like Gretchen.

She was absent from school for a few days in "The Substitute." During that time everyone, except T.J., forgot her until T.J. presented his independent study project, a "Get Well" card, saying how she had helped them, from healing their roots to helping them with times tables. Her hippie outlook is reflected in her appearance.

In Recess: School's Out it is shown that she is secretly trained in some form of martial arts, which impresses Muriel Finster, who develops a newfound respect for her. Finster even suggested a match between her boxing and Grotke's martial arts. Though the latter says her skills are only meant for self-defense. She believes that T.J. and the gang are high spirited children who are not rotten.


  • In "The Coolest Heat Wave Ever" she tells the students about how the Earth's ozone affected them
  • In "Operation Stuart" she mentions how the ozone molecules are being destroyed by evil industrialists and corporate polluters.

Gender and race opinions

  • In "This Brain for Hire" she mentions enjoying Gretchen's thoughts on "how the white men of the declaration of independence helped shape their gender biased society".
  • In "Buried Treasure" where she says to "take the new textbook with a grain of salt since they focus on white Western males."
  • In "The Great Can Drive" she mentions how "the noble Native Americans shared their bountiful food with the undeserving settlers.”
  • In "The Beauty Contest" she describes Amelia Earheart as "a sign of rugged feminism".


  • In Operation Field Trip, the code name that Miss Grotke uses to communicate with the dispatcher is "Earth Mama".
  • It is clear that, early on in the series, the actors were not told how to correctly pronounce her name, as in the earliest episodes her name is pronounced "Groh-t-kee" and in later episodes, she is called "Grow-t-kee".