Miss Salamone is the music teacher at Spiro T. Agnew Middle School who helped Mikey rehearse for the PTA Spring Fling in the episode "The Voice".

During "The Voice", Mikey develops a crush on her (which she does not learn until near the end of the episode), and he quickly becomes one of her favorite students. Mikey eventually confesses his feelings for Miss Salamone to his friends, but they point out that a romantic relationship would not work, mainly because of the age difference. But when Mikey goes to try and prove his friends wrong, he ends up walking in on her accepting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, a Costa Rican opera singer named Antonio.

Near the end of the voice, Mikey confesses his feelings to Miss Salamone, who tells Mikey that he is a great kid and that any girl will be lucky to be with him when he is older, a relationship between the two of them would not work. Mikey ultimately accepts this and, while not seen in the show, the two are presumably reunited when Mikey and the gang become students at Spiro T. Agnew Middle School.


  • Miss Salamone's appearance is often compared to that of former Pussycat Dolls member and television personality, Nicole Scherzinger.
  • In the two part episode "Lawson and his Crew", she makes a cameo appearance in the audience during Kurst the Worst and Randall J. Weems' ballet recital.
    • She also makes a cameo appearance in Recess: School's Out where she is seen giving lessons to Mikey and the other kids at the Young Voice Training Program.
  • She is mentioned in the episode "Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave".
  • While it's never stated how old she is, she's implied to be in her mid/late-20s (Gus figures that she is 24 or 25).
    • Considering how most Americans usually do not start until the age of 18 and how teachers at most elementary, middle and high schools are required to have a bachelor's degree (in addition to a teaching License), which takes around four years to earn), Miss Salamone would be at least 22. Since she wasn't referred to as a new teacher by Miss Finster or anyone else, she must have a couple years of teaching under her belt, which would make Gus' approximation right.
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