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"Nobody Doesn't Like T.J." is the twenty-eighth episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on February 6th, 2000.


T.J. finds out that Gordy is the only kid on the playground who does not like him; he does everything he can to make Gordy his friend.


  • Animation/continuity error: When Gordy hands the handheld game to Vince, Vince takes it upside down. In the next scene, Vince is shown playing it right side up.
  • Animation/continuity error: While Miss Grotke is teaching about Jefferson and Adams, she is in front of the right corner of the board and there are two pictures on the board. When T.J. is shown looking back (to see Gordy), Miss Grotke and the pictures are missing.
  • Animation/continuity error: When Miss Grotke is teaching about Jefferson and Adams, she is initially in front of the right corner of the board with the pictures. After T.J. says, "Unbelievable", she is suddenly on the opposite corner with the pictures.
  • Animation/continuity error: When T.J. sits beside Gordy to offer brownies, there are other trays on the table. When Gordy accepts the offer, there is only the brownies tray on the table. While Gordy is accusing T.J. of poisoning him, the other trays are visible again.
  • Animation/consistency error: After Gordy accuses T.J of poisoning him, Gordy's hand is animated under the tray on the table.
  • Animation/continuity error: When the gang walk out of school, they are all wearing backpacks. When Gretchen is analyzing T.J.'s situation about Gordy, her backpack is missing.
  • Crediting error: Toon City was credited as animating this episode, when it was Plus One Animation that animated it.



  • This episode is considered to be the worst episode of the entire series by several fans due to its mishandling of its own moral lesson. This episode is intended to teach that not everyone will like you, it comes across as teaching that it is okay to dislike someone for no reason whatsoever.



  • When T.J. is leading Gordy through the duct and comes to the kitchen vent, he remarks "All quiet on the kitchen front", an allusion to the 1928 war novel, All Quiet on the Western Front.