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"Old Folks Home" is the forty-fifth episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on July 17th, 2000.



The Recess Gang takes a visit to an Old Folks' Home located somewhere in the Unnamed City, only to be surprised by its residents' stories.

Main Story

Mikey tells the gang about his weekend plans to visit some elderly residents of the nursing home and asks them to come along. Initially they're skeptical as it falls on the same weekend as a Senor Fusion convention, but Mikey talks them into it. At first the elderly residents (who initially mistake them for door to door salesmen) have little to talk about in common with them but eventually each one finds common ground and learns a lot from the person they talked with, one of them even being the creator of Senor Fusion (called Senor Electricity at first). Mikey is the only one not having fun, as the residents are unimpressed by his singing. At the end, when he is ready to go, it is pointed out that he never asked them what they wanted to hear and he finds out the songs he were singing were too outdated for even the residents there, so he took requests.


  • Animation/consistency error: During the beginning of the episode, while Gus begs Mikey to tell the weekend plans, Gus' watch is drawn right side up. It should be upside down due to his hand position.



  • When Larry Rogan tells T.J. about his army days he, his fellow soldiers, and commanding officer look like the World War II version of T.J., his friends, and Principal Prickly.