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"Operation Field Trip" is the eighth episode of the second season of Recess, which was first broadcast on October 3rd, 1998.



Third Street School students are going on a field trip, but T.J.'s class bus breaks down, leaving them stranded.

Main Story

The episode starts with Miss Finster initiating "Operation Field Trip". Before leaving for MISOOE (Museum of Industry, Science, Oceanography, Oddities, and Energy), Bertha is upset about her beloved bus Old Smokey being reduced to recycled metal after this field trip.

As the students leave for MISOOE, Miss Grotke leads them in singing "This Old Man" ad nauseam until Old Smokey breaks down, leaving those inside stranded by an abandoned farm.

While Bertha is moping about her situation, and Miss Grotke is trying to calm her down, the kids decide to make Bertha happy by fixing her bus (and then some).


  • Animation/consistency error: Sam, Dave, and Menlo are all in the same class bus as T.J. and the gang, however, they are not in their class.



  • In the conversation between Bertha and Grotke in the beginning of the episode, 'The bear' refers to Smokey Bear, an N.P.O. that spreads awareness about wildfires.



  • "Take'm to MISOOE" is a reference to the 1948 western film, Red River.
  • "Well it may be too late to get to MISOOE but what do say we take the long way home?" is a possible reference to the 1979 hit single "Take the Long Way Home" by English rock band Supertramp.

International Information

  • A couple clips of this episode were included in Disney Channel Middle East's "Power, Strength, Brains, Gum Ball" promo.
  • In the French dub, the bus is called "Winnie" instead of "Smokey", since Winnie-the-Pooh, as "Winnie l'Ourson", is more widely-known in France than Smokey the Bear.