"Partners in Crime" is the twenty-fourth episode of the fourth season of Recess, which was first broadcast on November 28th, 1999.


After both Menlo and Randall are ignored in the selection for battle-tag, they plan to take over Third Street School through their shared sentiment that everyone ignores them.


  • Animation/continuity error: In the opening scene, while Mikey and Gus are holding the permission slips, there are other kids waiting behind them. Once they arrive at Menlo's desk, there are no other kids.
  • Coloring error: After Menlo rejects the permission slips, he rants about rules. In this moment, the interior of his mouth flashes white several times.
  • Animation/consistency error: When The Recess Gang reaches for the ball caddy, they only find flat balls. After T.J. calls for "battle tag", the caddy is suddenly filled with full balls.
  • Animation error: When Randall asks the kids if they have forgotten something, Spinelli's dress has a line drawn on her waist, making it look like she is wearing a shirt and a skirt instead.
  • Animation/consistency error: While Menlo and Randall are sitting on beach chairs, there is a moment when Randall claims he has got a bad feeling and he moves his legs trough the structure of the armrest.
  • Animation error: After Randall gets hit in the head with a ball at the very end of the episode, the animation appears to get more choppy as the picture fades to black.



  • When the pair succeeded in taking over Third Street School, Randall had The Ashleys on hand to utter the phrase "Randallous!", a play on The Ashleys' notorious catchphrase, "Scandalous!".
  • The episode's title is an allusion to the Rugrats episode of the same name.


  • Root Beer Rapids is a Hershey Park parody.


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