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Paul & Joe Productions is a label company founded September 9th, 2000, by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere as a division of both Disney Television Animation and The Hub. While Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere have been making their own shows since 1994, notably with the animated series of Beethoven, they did not have a vanity plate at the end of their shows until 2000.

The vanity card for the label started appearing at the end of Recess' ending credits at the start of Season 5, and appeared on all of their other shows since then.

Shows created by Paul & Joe Productions[]

  • Rugrats (1991) (Nickelodeon) (The only non-Disney show without the vanity card logo.)
  • Beethoven (TV Series) (1994) (CBS) (Vanity card didn't appear on this show)
  • Recess (1997) (ABC, UPN, Syndication) (Vanity card didn't appear until season five, and is oddly cut from Disney Cinemagic repeats)
  • Lloyd in Space (2001) (ABC, Toon Disney)
  • Pound Puppies (2010) (The Hub) (The only show with the vanity card logo that is not from Disney)