Paul Prickly is Peter Prickly's older brother, who is a Principal of a rival school which is similar to Third Street School. The school's name that Paul is the principal of is 98th Street School. He likes to make his younger brother feel inferior as he calls Peter "Half Pint". He can also act extremely rude and selfish. However, he does care and love his brother after they reconcile following an argument.


He, along with several other characters from the series, makes a cameo in the double-length episode "Lawson and His Crew".


  • The movie reveals that he and Peter have another brother named Thurgood who lives in Alaska.
    • It is unknown if Thurgood is older or younger than Paul.
  • Since Paul is Peter's older brother, it can be inferred that he is in his early to mid-50's and that he was born in the early to mid-1940's.
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